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Wolfhound-PRO1.5 Cell phone signal detector



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Cell phone signal detector (luxury type) is the high-end products in the mobile phone signal detector series products. The receiver has the advantages of convenient carrying and high sensitivity, and its bandwidth resolution is 4MHz. Is a global only a can be detected by the phone in standby state detecting instruments, and other same type of mobile phone signal detector can only detect to the phone call state, different from other domestic mobile phone signal detection or shielding products. The product can accurately search the effective area of all mobile phone signals in the call or standby status, to help managers find and accurately locate the illegal use of mobile communications products. In addition, the product also has the characteristics of environmental protection and safety of radiation, in the detection process, does not emit any form of electromagnetic wave to the outside, the personnel in the detection area without any side effects. Especially important is that mobile phone signal detector (luxury) can not only fast scanning covered within the region is on the phone, send text messages or phone terminal using mobile network, more able to detect only in standby mode mobile phone, this function for the user provides more extensive application space. 1, function introduction: (1) this product is a hand-held mobile phone wireless detection equipment, simple and easy to carry, the user can according to need in the desired detection area of any specific location to carry out the detection work. (2) equipped with high-definition LCD display, histogram intuitive reaction including the detection cell phone frequencies, signal strength and signal attenuation degree, so users see at a glance the exploration data. (3) one key operation: all detection function and menu selection, all through one key operation, easy to learn. (4) dual antenna configuration: omni-directional antenna can be full range detection effective coverage area of contraband phone usage, and shows the band of frequencies and signal strength; directional antennas can help users according to the feedback screen signal strength to adjust the direction and the final accurate positioning of prohibited hand machine of the region. (5) can detect multi band mobile phone band, including the existing GSM, CDMA and 3G band, no blind area. (6) can choose the sound, vibration and other alarm mode, so that products can be applied to a variety of different working environment. (7) laser can assist in accurate positioning detected the location of mobile phone users. (8) laboratory environment, can effectively cover the area of 30 m radius. (9) high speed scanning, located in the effective area of the mobile phone in the use of the state, the precise positioning of the device is not more than 20 seconds. (10) detection standby mobile phone, when detected by mobile phone in standby mode, the device still can capture a cell phone and a satellite base station between regular weak communication signal, and ultimately positioning (location for a long time for this function). :::: (signal::: <1kg 2, the technical parameters: (1) the weight of the body excluding packaging and directional antenna); (2) scanning bandwidth of 4MHz; (3) the detection sensitivity -85dbm strength of laboratory environment; (4) signal intensity resolution 2dB; (5) the detection distance radius 150 feet (50 meters) area; (6) detection bands CDMA/GSM/PCS/WCDMA/LTE a variety of band; (7) underwent modes: high-speed sweep frequency (8) alarm mode: visual alarm, alarm in sound and vibration alarm optional; (9) working temperature: - 20 degrees to 45 DEG C (10) working time is up to 10 hours (full power) (11) 4 hour fast charging. (12) packing: equipped with portable special box. 3. Applicable places: (1) prisons, the armed forces and on the phone using a strict limits of organs and units; (2) the court, airports, large enterprises meeting room for secure communications have strict rules of places; (3) the examination room, gas stations and other banned the use of cellphones and the need to shield electromagnetic wave; (4) other demand for mobile communication limited occasions.

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