Police equipment to tell you some small sense of self-defense

As the gap between the rich and the poor is increasing, the social psychology becomes unbalanced, and the social security is very worried. Social news per day in total not such as burglary, highway ro

How to effectively manage the use of single police equipment

Police equipment not only light and practical, is a good helper to front-line police, more important is build a barrier for the line of police security. So for the sake of the safety of the duty of th

The use of batons and maintenance methods

Inertia locking stick, when the hand holds the stick, with the strength of the wrist, or with forearm band began to play stick in the role of inertia will liberate carrying the locking...

Choose a suitable for their own self-defense equipment is very important

With China's large population base, the difference between the rich and the poor, the development of social security has become the focus of public attention. Especially when you live in a more comple

Police equipment how to effectively enhance the combat effectiveness of public security organs

Police equipment help to arrest public security organs in the work, and also to the personal protection, flashlight, tear gas, arresting device and so on are deal with the necessary equipment for such

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