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SC-1PLUS Frequency meter



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Security Equipment Description: SC-1PLUS for most advanced palmar digital anti wiretapping, anti candid detector, particularly suitable for star, confidential instrument used by politicians and business people and the public security organs of the company. The device can measure the frequency of any number, switch and analog signal, such as mobile phone, wireless eavesdropping device, wireless pinhole camera, intercom, etc.. Itself is also designed to be lightweight and easy to operate and so on. ] specifications impedance: 50 Ohms (BNC) 2. The frequency range: 30 MHz - 2.8 GHz. Sensitivity: < 2 MV. The maximum input: 15 DBM. Resolution: 10 kHz "digital or switch signals" / 1 kHz "simulation of 6. Time base signal": < 1 ppm typ. Room temperature. Weight: 210 G 8. Size: 80 mm Height x 68 mm wide x 31 mm 9. Long shell: black aluminum alloy shell. Power: 4 AA 600 MAH NiCd batteries containing 11. Charger: 9 VDC, 300 Ma] characteristics 1. 7 bit LCD display. 2 can be measured in any numbers, frequency "switch and analog signal pulse width is greater than 250 uS. To RF 0 -35dBm signal strength indication for 3.16 segment dBm. 4 temporary keys. 5 low power NiCd battery for 6 hours. 6 low voltage display. 7 vibration alarm output. 8 with retractable antenna (144 MHz / 460 MHz) and charger.

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