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ZLT-208M Special module for camera night vision


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The night vision module design for Nikon SLR camera dedicated, built-in Jungui European Super (HyperGen light discharge pipe can be easily and quickly installed in the main body of the camera and the lens, the implementation of the night search task card. With Nikon AF-S bayonet couplings, applicable to all kinds of fixed focus telephoto lens, wide angle lens, telephoto zoom lens, wide angle zoom / standard lens and other special shockproof lens or a combination of GPS satellite positioning system elasticity using (Nikon D90 above models). Support AF-S Nikon electronic image control system, which can maintain the original image sensing function of the camera, so that the image of digital video (D-movie) can be clearly detected in the stars / moonlight. With Nikon D90 Digital cameras use "real-time viewfinder mode", in Mega 3.0 inches, about 92 million pixel color LCD viewing windows, in night environment to compare military night vision goggles photography and video effects. (with F value is greater than 2.8 camera lens, will have better effect in complete darkness without light environment (for example tunnels, caves and interior), with no visible light infrared LED investment (effective distance of about 30m) laser or infrared laser projector (effective distance of about 300m) use, clear observation, photography and video. The length of the main part of 130 mm diameter 66 mm weight about 425 grams connection bayonet AF-S using power with AF-S power system light tube cathode ray tube diameter of 18 mm time polar tube 40000 pattern material (s-25 lowest resolution 57-64 Lp/mm sensitivity 600-750 mu A/lm minimum brightness gain fl/fc at 10-6 FCD maximum dark background luminance 1,5x10-3 minimum signal-to-noise than 20-23 maximum current consumption 16mA average life span 10000 hours cast light LED infrared: angle of 70 degrees, the spectral 850nm, power 40~50mW, power LR-44 x 3 laser infrared: 5-20 degrees angle, spectral 810nm, 300MW power, power AAA x 3

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