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VS125 Wireless camera detector



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This product is specially designed for general use, easy to use, easy to use, no complex installation, or professional electronic knowledge. Introduction this product is applied to the latest breakthrough image scanning technology, it is the only full frequency image scanner, covering the 1.2GHz-2.4GHz-5.8GHz three bands. The company's unique 5.8GHz scanning technology, making this product in the world market occupies a leading position. The product can simultaneously detect and display a plurality of frequency bands and a plurality of wireless camera in a radius of 100 meters. Actual distance depends on the strength of the signal source and the environment will be different. This product can be completed in about 30 seconds to complete the 1.2GHz, 2.4GHz and 5.8GHz three bands round scan. Contains the object: image scanner. Antenna x 3 switching rectifier. Video output line X3. The suitcase to operating 1. When the temperature is below 25 degrees C, the machine need a short warm-up time, if the boot, the screen appears straight, please wait a few seconds screen will return to normal display. 2 turn on the power, this product will start automatic scanning. 3 at the bottom of the screen there are 3 red [scanning frequency display lights], respectively, 1.2GHz, 2.4GHz and 5.8GHz three bands of the scan progress. 4 when the wireless camera signal is scanned, the relative yellow signal on the left side of the scanning lamp will be lit, and the screen will appear on the screen. If the scan to the wireless camera, there is a voice output, it will play the sound at the same time. 5 this can hold down the right side of the screen corresponding to the round red [image] lock button can be locked to the camera image scanning. Relative to the fragment of the red [image lock indicator] will be lit to show the locked frequency band. Also green [image system indicator, will show to the scanning image system is NTSC or PAL/SECAM 6. If the image on the screen is not clear when, can use in the bottom left of the screen + - tuning knob to increase or decrease the locked frequency, to adjust the received image is more clear. 7 Click on the lower left corner of the blue screen display band button, the screen will switch to other bands, corresponding to the Yellow [band light] will be lit. Users can follow the need to switch to different frequency bands, to watch the scanning of the wireless video camera image. 8 click the image lock button, the image can be locked or deleted. When the image is locked, the red light will be lit. Then click the image lock button that will be deleted, red image lock indicator will be extinguished. Remove the locking band at the bottom of the screen, the corresponding red [lamp] scanning frequency display, read back and forth scanning. 9 this product can simultaneously lock the three band images, according to the blue screen display band button, can be cut to different frequency bands, to watch the locked image. Three this product has 10 audio and video output holes, can be used for simultaneous recording of three frequency bands to the image. Power saving mode to hold the "screen display button", and then turn on the power. VS-125 wireless impact scanner that enters the power saving mode. At this point, the LCD screen will show the blue screen, and then the screen will be closed. When the VS-125 wireless image scanner to detect image signal, the LCD screen will automatically turn on and display the captured. About battery 1 this product is built in rechargeable battery, full power can be used for 40 minutes. 2 when the weak light warning light, please pick up the rectifier charging. 3 in the shutdown state, charging, about 8 hours to fully charge. If the boot in the state of charge, about 36 hours to charge full power. 4 if you do not use this product for a long time, please check the battery every three months to check whether the battery is weak. If the weak current warning, please pick up the full power of the rectifier to maintain battery life. LCD screen of the adjustment button on the left side of the screen has four buttons, the adjustment button for the screen settings, respectively: power - Directory - down - up. 1 press the [power] button, can switch the screen. 2. According to the directory [menu] button to enter the OSD (on screen display) control: contrast (contrast), luminance (brightness), hue (hue), sharp chroma (color) of (sharpness) Volume 3. Press [up] or [down to the down button can increase or decrease the set value. Audio output 3 on the right side there are 1 audio and video output jack. Connect the audio and video output connection line to the DVR can be recorded and scanned into the 3 bands of the image and sound. 2.DVR is required to have audio input holes to record, and only the frequency band of the screen display can be recorded. 3 at the top of the audio and video output jack, there are three audio and video output adjustment button for adjusting the output of the 3 band image. Camera audio demodulation 1 products with a variety of frequency voice demodulation, covering all types of cameras commonly used voice frequency. The audio frequency of the three camera bands of the product is as follows. Project wireless camera band speech demodulation frequency 6.0MHz 6.5mhz 5.5mhz 1 1.2Ghz V (default) V 2 2.4GHz V (default) V 3 5.8GHz v v (default) x 2. When the product detection to wireless camera signal, if not show the sound may wireless camera the no speech output, or is the voice output frequency and the presupposition of different frequency. Please switch the voice demodulation frequency to confirm that there is no voice output. Hold down the screen to display the frequency band, and then hold down the impact of the frequency band lock button once, that will switch to the next voice frequency adjustment. 3. For example: GHz band preset voice frequency adjusting is 6.0MHz. When operating in the second point, voice frequency demodulation will switch to 6.5MHz. repeat operations to the second point, the voice frequency demodulation will switch to 5.5m

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