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ZLT-EVD3-FS Controllable video endoscope


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Parameter performance: the latest research and development of ultra micro infrared low illumination camera, combined with 158 degree ultra wide angle and high resolution lens, so that the observation angle is wider, the illumination is better, the scope of application is wider. Four to control the camera lens, each direction is up to 120 degrees, control the rotation range is smaller, the operation is more flexible. And the lens end can be immersed and waterproof. With day / color, night / black and white automatic switching function combined with infrared auxiliary light source and separation type camera, under the weak light or no light environment can to two metres clear photographic observation / photography, rescue and search for the card task is completed. With the scale of the polyurethane rubber catheter, in addition to insert pipeline more rugged, but also accurately measure depth for in industrial commodity inspection, drainage system, aviation, defense / security, research, ecological education... And so on, a wide range of use. Parameters: resolution 400TV line camera sensor 1 / 4 color CMOS cam minimum illumination 0.1 lux / f1.2 lens chart (640x480 electronic shutter 1/60~1/10000 lens (perspective), 2.8 mm f1.2 / 158 degrees auxiliary lighting IR960nm LED*6 pipeline diameter is 8mm direction control before / after / left / right, 360 degree full direction control transmission range of pipeline length of about 180 cm above the wireless transmitting 1200MHZ/6 channel output power 200MW (0.2W) about 100 meters use time 70 minutes using power 3.6V/1800mA size (excluding protruding end) about 300 x110x90mm weight about 870g video analysis 720 x480@18fps640x480@30fps memory hcsd date record years / month / day / points / second weak indication is

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