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BW-103TD 2G/3GMobile phone signal detector



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Introduction: This is the most advanced handheld 2G, 3G mobile phone signal detectors, to the unique fuzzy scanning technology, it can detect waves of WCDMA, CDMA, GSM, PHS, amps and iden and other all phone system. This product in addition to detect the phone, but also can be detected in the 50MHz ~ 6.0GHz frequency between the radio camera. : an introduction to the the detector specially designed for radio frequency blunt sense, so it is not easy to by Walkie Talkie Radio interference. This feature makes the detector is suitable for places to prohibit the use of mobile phones but guards or security personnel must be on the intercom as internal communication, such as prisons, police police units or government agencies. The detector has two groups of signal display lamp, when measured by mobile phone radio, individually depending on the strength of the 2G/Camera and 3G radio and lights 1-2-3 to display signal strength, the stronger the signal lights and more. This machine to detect mobile phone waves, system category system indicator according to the detected and flashing red. This product has two sets of sensitivity adjustment circuit, can adjust the detection sensitivity and detection range of 3G and 2G/Camera respectively. The sensitivity of this machine can be used as adjustment, eliminate the background noise and environmental disturbance, but also do to adjust the detection range of. When the measured cell phone or camera waves, the sensitivity can be gradually adjusted, close to the location of the phone or camera, and then find the location of the phone user or camera. The detector built in rechargeable batteries, filled with power can be used continuously for up to 4 hours, the detector has weak display function, when the battery is depleted, weak display lights up in red, to remind users should immediately charging. The company's products are designed to operate simple, easy to use for the main purpose, not to the complicated installation or any professional knowledge, anyone can use.

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