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MD-CDJL-ZL Simple video telescopic examination mirror



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This is a new research and development of high-definition video search equipment and with DVR recording function, and can be wirelessly transmitted to the back end through the 2.4G wireless display to watch! It can be convenient intuitive to let you view that the eye cannot see where, after the product can appear before your eyes as the form of video of the actual situation of the narrow and dark places, let your problem analysis and handling handy, greatly save your work time, fast and convenient way to improve your work efficiency, also can be the search process recorded convenient for you to post to the suspicious position further analysis, the product with high hardness aluminum alloy suitcase, can effectively prevent drop anti collision extrusion prevention and other issues. A, waterproof camera: 1. Like the head size: 23mmx50mm.. Camera with elbow length: 500mm. Camera shell material: 304 stainless steel. The camera lens material: sapphire. Sensor size: 1 / 4 inch. Sensor like number: visual angle. Lens PAL:720X576 NTSC: 720X480: 120 degrees. 8 camera angle adjustable: 9 arbitrary angle camera light source: 12 bright white LED lamp 10 camera waterproof level: IP68 11 camera working voltage: DC 12V, camera working current: 100MA 12 telescopic rod is 3.1 meters long 13 of total working temperature: -10 degrees -50 degrees, two LCD screen size: 4.3 16:9 inch resolution: 480*320*RGB power supply: DC:5V (built-in lithium battery) SNR: 85dB USB interface: 2 (high speed) output power range: three, 20Hz---20KHz receiver is 2.5 inch LCD screen, 960 * 240 resolution receiver can use SD card, record storage function, maximum support GB memory 16 AV output, USB output, in order to check and monitor the four working channel selection can avoid possible interference, obtain the picture quality of the built-in high sensitivity microphone stable, real video When the video, real-time video display new mobile video detection function, the camera function realization video frequency lock standby function support automatic cycle memory support automatic override function video resolution support effective space saving: 640*480/320*240 optional video format: AVI/ASF/MOV optional support MP3/WAV/MPEG-1 format audio files playback support MPEG-4/AVI/ASF/MOV format video file playback support JPG., JPEG, TIF TIFF format picture playback speed, USB2.0 interface, USB OTG 2 audio and video output / input function, can be connected to support recording function while charging receiver with lithium battery with TV, monitor, 5 hours of continuous playback, video up to 2-3 hours standby compatible memory card type: SD/MMC/U disk/HDD format: MP3/WAV/MPEG-1 2.5 inch LCD display 960x240 LCD video output mode Type: NTSC / PAL resolution: 640 * 480 / 240 video compression format: MPEG-4/AVI/ASF/MOV loudspeaker power: 1.5W operating system: IBM-PC:Windows 98SE.ME.2000, XP power: DC 5V / 2000mA & built-in 1800mAh lithium language selection: Traditional Chinese / English wireless video time: is equal to or more than 2-3 hours player time: is more than or equal to 5 hours fuselage memory: 66m

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