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M-SCOPE Portable security door



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The United States M-Scope Fisher-Lab portable security doors imported, portable metal security door hand carrying type metal detector gate is a portable type high performance security doors, security doors this metal detection with high sensitivity, is the highest sensitivity of all global portable security door product, and assembling and disassembling of 9 components, can be convenient to carry and transport, is the world's most high-end portable security doors imported, portable and convenient moving and carrying, making good quality materials, waterproof properties is good, Public Security Bureau of narcotics special products. The features of M-Scope 1, high detection sensitivity: head to toe ring 2, self detection: detection of subtle self detection, automatically calibration and self diagnosis: 3 self diagnosis, when to notify users when the program exits 4, automatic storage: shut down automatically when the store finally set 5, digital input and output: Digital input and output, safety enter the control panel 6, automatic counting: the technical parameters of M-Scope portable metal detection door automatic counter 1, standard configuration: battery (40 hours), after the demolition of 2 dimensions: 90 x 58 x 66 (CM) and the size of luggage towed 3, working humidity: 95%, 4, no condensation executive standard: FAA NILECJ-0601.02 5, sensitivity: 20 different programs, each program 200 adjustable sensitivity 6, self detection: self detection of the operation, and the results show Shown on the display 7, the total weight: less than 50KG; 8, the operation of control: to achieve remote operation through the rate: more than 60 people a second / minute

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