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SIM-MAX2008 Portable explosive detector



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Function: Portable explosives detector is based on ion mobility spectrometry (IMS) detection principle of trace explosive detection equipment, with fast and accurately detect the function of trace explosive, properties of the products reach the international advanced level of similar products, such as sensitivity grade optional, hot start moving function, high altitude can be normal use, with easy to use, low material cost, maintenance and maintenance is convenient wait for advantage. Features: high sensitivity, can detect ng ~ PG explosive dangerous goods fast analysis, only 2 ~ 8 seconds can be divided into three stages of explosive detection sensitivity is optional, and hot start function, external air sampler, sampling a wide range, high efficiency and strong adaptability to the environment, in the plateau region of normal use of the weight of 3.5 kg (including battery), portable, flexible 3.5 inch color LCD touch screen, rich interface prompts, easy to use open database, real-time online services, the use of free parameters by using the techniques of ion mobility spectrometry (IMS) can detect explosives (TNT) type of TNT and RDX, PETN (RDX) (PETN) nitroglycerin (NG), ammonium nitrate explosives, black powder, tetralite (Tetryl), HMX (HMX), C4, and other explosives and can add new samples according to the sensitivity of n G ~ PG analysis time of 2 ~ 8 seconds preheating time of 20 minutes (hot start 5 minutes) sampling directly wipe sampling or non-contact suction sampling (external suction sampler and wiping sampler) sampling distance external suction sampler can be adsorbed within 1 ~ 20cm volatilization in the air supply mode of suspicious substances 110/220VAC, 50/60HZ battery the parameters of 22.2V lithium ion rechargeable battery, sustainable work more than 4 hours alarm sound and visual alarm, accurate identification of explosives, explosives name display display 3.5 "color LCD touch screen interface, Chinese calibration mode automatic internal calibration size (length * width * height) 410 x 140 x 140 (mm (16.2)" x 5.2 "x 5.2") weight less than 3.5kg (including battery) working temperature of -10 DEG C to 60 C (14 F ~ 140 F) relative humidity is less than 93% USB data transmission, RS232 data storage 1 00000 copies of data (built-in 2G SD card)

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