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M-SCOP Portable X optical detection system



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1. Detailed product name: overview of portable X ray examination instrument. Products: company the latest development and production of portable constant current x-ray machine and the configuration of the digital display system is to use the world's most advanced high resolution progressive digital imaging technology, the system can according to the suspicious items by adjusting the thickness of the X light energy emitted, enhanced ability to penetrate, the sharpness of the image. The explosion proof safety inspection and investigation of criminal technology, motor anti smuggling, anti drug work in portable X-ray inspection system is essential to check the instrument. They can quickly get images of dangerous objects hidden in packages, such as bombs, guns, knives, drugs, and other powder like objects. 3 System Description: the 3.1. system consists of X machine, digital imaging instrument, a control software tablet notebook computer. 3.1.1 X-ray machine: (1) quality: 2.3kg; (2) power: charging 16.8 volt lithium battery (3) x ray source size: 356mmx160mmx90mm (4) output voltage: 80kV constant current; (5) X-ray penetration, can penetrate the 60mm plate. (6) X-ray source focal spot size: 0.5mm; (7) wired and wireless control (8) X-ray source for constant current source, and can at any time external 220V AC 3.1.2 digital imager: (1) the field size: 370mm * 280mm x 130mm; (2) imaging size: 254 mm x 203 mm. (3) bit rate: 10Bits; (4) resolution: 1280 x 960Pixels; 5 power supply): external power (220V, 50Hz), rechargeable battery (8 hours of continuous work); (6) transmission: transmission network; (7) lithium battery; rechargeable battery (8 hours of continuous work); (8) weight: 4kg. 3.1.3 touchscreen tablet computer:: operating system: Windows 8.1 Pro processor: inter Bay trail-t atom quad core processor, the battery capacity: 8000 milliamperes, life time: the integrated use of 6-8 hours, touch screen: multi touch support, 10 point touch, original keyboard base. 4 system features: 4.1, small size, portability * X ray source size: 356 mm x160 mm X90 mm image collector size: 370mm * 280mm * 130mm *; light weight: only 8 kg * X low dose: 3 milliroentgens, single pulse can penetrate 60 mm aluminum; image size: 254MM * * 203mm mm; * horizontal resolution: 1280 * 960 or 1920 * 1080Pixels * Pixels contrast sensitivity is less than 3% * spatial resolution less than 40AWG * easy to operate: the operating system for all Chinese system interface, quick start, enter the system, within seconds can be collected image * inspection items: any field work environment, any site, no external power supply. Its self configuration of power supply device can make the system work more than 4 hours. * image transmission: equipped with 30 meter cable for cable transmission; * wireless mode: in the open area can be far away from 30 meters full wireless control equipment; * finger touch: touch screen notebook convenient and practical. Full screen touch control, through the finger touch screen can adjust the brightness, zoom and other functions. 4.2, image acquisition system * image acquisition: using advanced high resolution progressive digital imaging system, adjust the exposure time and enhance the force of penetration. * digital processing: by digital technology, the uptake of the X-ray image digital processing, such as image enhancement, histogram equalization, brightness contrast enhancement, pseudo color, processing, to identify the suspicious object components. * ranging function: can measure the size of the object being detected. * provide the latest report of the Ministry of public security in 2015.

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