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MD-88A-ZL Underground metal detector



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First, the product description: an excellent performance of the underground metal detectors, high precision, and has a balanced line, with a superior ability to exclude the mineralization reaction. The biggest feature of this instrument is to accurately distinguish between gold, silver, copper, iron and other objects, to help you find exactly what you want to find the precious metal. And unique design. Split body setting. Easy to carry, double deck chassis design, suitable for desert flat push operation. High grade aluminum box packing. High end atmosphere is conducive to maintenance. Two, product features 1, high brightness of the LED panel can display the signal to detect the strength of the metal, the general display of the metal category. 2, under the full metal detective mode suitable for in the ground search for metal objects, and identify them with metal identification function, in pattern recognition can be shielding ferrous metals such as iron and other objects, can only show the nonferrous metal such as gold, silver and other objects 3, in addition to the LED panel display. It can also through the tone setting function to distinguish between types of metal. 16, 4 inches large size of the probe, the detection depth of the larger and double deck chassis design, strong and durable, suitable for Sha Moping push operation. 5, there is the elimination of the material environment and the mineralization of the interference of the tuning settings, suitable for all environmental operations. 6, equipped with an external headset interface, can be connected to a single channel headphones, easy to use 7, built-in high-capacity rechargeable battery, low voltage refers to the function, equipped with a charger, full power after ten hours of continuous work. Three, the main use of the instrument with high accuracy, can accurately distinguish between gold, silver, copper, iron and other objects, there is a pattern recognition model can be shielded ferrous metals such as iron. Double deck chassis design, suitable for desert push operation. Often used in 1, the acquisition of waste 2, the detection of search 3, archaeology, found buried in the underground metal artifacts and gold and silver treasures 4, check the underground pipes, wires, cables. Is construction, water decoration, for substation, urban renovation work an essential tool 5, prospecting, exploration of various metallic mineral and to some high grade ore, especially of natural gold more effective, product technical parameters, detecting depth: detection of RMB one yuan coin, detection distance is equal to or larger than 30cm. If in the iron 60*60*1cm, for example: detectable 2.5 m to 3.5 m 2 and detection way: all metal detection / identification detection, signal frequency: 9.6khz 4, sound frequency: 400Hz (5), a power supply: 12V rechargeable battery (built in) 6, a pull rod length: 1.3 meters 7, net weight: 2.65kg 8, gross weight: 7kg 9, packing size: 62*45*18CM (aluminum box packing) packing list: 1, the host detector 2, waterproof probe disc 3, a set of detector connecting rod 4, charger and battery 5, earphone 6, product manuals

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