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GP3003B1/MD-S1 High sensitivity / metal detector



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Function introduction: 1, high sensitivity 2, the use of simple, convenient, no need to adjust the 3, 9V battery dropped to about 7V, detection distance unchanged in 4, electricity in the province, more than 40 hours of continuous work 5, when the battery runs out, continuous and automatic alarm for 6, startup, shutdown voice prompt function 7, is connected with the charging socket 8, sound, vibration switch sensitivity adjustment: 1, such as detecting distance is not up to the requirements or high sensitivity even cause instability or on the human body without metal probe scan also sounds should be carried out when the sensitivity adjustment. 2, with the small word screwdriver from the small holes of the probe handle extension into along the clockwise rotation, adjustment to sound, then reverse the clockwise rotation transferred to not just the sound and then counter clockwise rotation of a semi circle, to sensitivity can meet the requirements so far. Detection range: pins: 2 - 3 cm razor blade: 5 - 10cm 38 caliber pistol: 10 - 15cm mobile phone battery: 15 - 25 cm use: 1, airport, station, wharf electronic detection examination; 2, customs, public security, frontier defense, defending the security inspection department; 3, the medicine, the food business quality inspection system; 4, important venues, sports field safety inspection; 5, detection of precious metals, such as gold and silver jewelry.

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