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ZLT-3400WB-CN Portable intelligent signal detecting interference instrument


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Description: ZLT-3400WB-CN is designed for outdoor use high performance broadband interference instrument, it can generate very high density spectrum, to stop all of the wireless signal, especially for Walkie Talkie DTMF signal design. Effective blocking can reach 50 meters, blocking the scope depends on the environment. Outside the box use famous Pelican protection door box 1620, both sand and dust proof, rain water protection measures such as host using single modular design. Specifications * built in independent signal receiver and transmitter, 20 ~ 500MHz * DDS rapid scanning, 20 ~ 500MHz frequency less than 120ms * signal receiver sensitivity: less than or equal to - 90dbm * signal resolution: 1 Hz/step ~ 1MHz/step * can at the same time for 3 sets of independent intercom intelligent dry perturbation * response time: the switching time of less than or equal to 100 ms * DDS technology is less than 6ns. The RF frequency is 857~892MHz * (PLL), 30W - 2000~2170MHz (PLL), 30W - 20~500MHz (DDS), 50W - 500~2700MHz (DDS) 50W, 918~973MHz, 15W; the factory setting: 1790~1900MHz, 15W, 2300~2390MHz, 10W, 2555~2655MHz, 10W, * in truncation mode through the notebook computer frequency programming. The 20MHz - 500MHz, 500MHz - 2700MHz can lock the 6 needed to launch frequency or frequency modulation bandwidth * adjustable range: 500K ~ + 5M + total power: 160W * * external universities to 4 * N omnidirectional antenna external antenna connector (HUBER SUHNER) mother * polymer lithium battery power supply system (28V 20A) * LED lights display the working status of * VSWR system protection, overheat protection, fault alarm and output. * protective equipment outside the box, the military Tang hungry door box 1620 * operating temperature: - 10 DEG C ~ + C * humidity: 5% ~ 80% * dimensions: 630 * 490 x 350 mm (length x width x depth) * weight 38 kg. * ~ * * X4 Street * * *, and * * * box AC / DC ~ * input voltage: AC100V ~ 250V/50HZ 60Hz ZLT-3400WB-CN power parameters of the specs: * battery, LiFePO4 Battery28V/40A built-in (30a) power supply built in 10A battery charger battery check button with LED lights display * low battery power tips * battery state of charge display * DC power output switch protection DC power supply output connector protection AC power input adapter USB power supply output weight: 25 kg size: 55 cm (L) x 46 cm (W) x 26 cm (H) * input power: AC100V 250V 50Hz 60Hz warranty for one year * accessories: DC output line of the power supply, AC input power supply line

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