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ZLT-DN Night and day night vision instrument


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Product Description: the product for day and night dual-purpose video camera, can bring their own WIFI and video viewing in the tablet computer and mobile phone. This machine with no visible light and infrared light, no light in the environment can reach 200 meters above and identification parameters: optical magnification is more than 20 times zoom range: 10mm~200mm maximum aperture = F1.9 (wide) perspective is less than or equal to 33 DEG x26 DEG X19 DEG (telescope) 1.5 degrees x1.3 degrees X1 lens diameter 62mm: Sony Super imaging device HADCCDII digital image processing: Double Scan = 700TV Lines DSP level analysis is less than or equal to 0.001 (no minimum illumination light source without opening the infrared automatic shutter): 1/50 (1/60) ~1/100000:X2~X1024 (automatic gain sensitive) video system with video mode: general video, motion detection, and video with convenient type structure fast analysis operation read operation language: English, Japanese, traditional Chinese, simple mode of operation: the host directly operation and the infrared wireless remote control microphone field radio backlight time 30, 60, 180, and 300/sec = 720x480@30fps = video analysis memory: 8G monitoring transmission WIFI 802.11b/g/n wireless transmission is more than 50 meters power: built-in rechargeable battery use time more than 8 hours with sustainable 3 group 1913 tactical sliding rails and plug-in auxiliary light source (with DC output power supply) body weight less than 2800 grams of lighting system auxiliary lighting and portable video search card visible light output power is less than or equal to CREE MC-E 10W LED > light output brightness up to 900 lumens and can control the strong and weak / / four infrared light source light flash device specification of infrared light spectrum than 880nm infrared output power: 1~3W adjustable infrared light angle adjustable: about 1~15 the degree of effective lighting range: no light environment 200 meters power supply: the license plate number identification with day / night with two remote camera power supply to use

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