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ZLT-D-FS Telescopic inspection mirror


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Parameter performance: using the high resolution waterproof CCD camera, built-in LED auxiliary lighting, auxiliary in no light source environment observation. Unique telescopic rod design, light weight, easy to operate, can freely adjust the use of length, applicable to the general market for lithium batteries. The semi hard type catheter in the front of the manual bending can be observed from the angle of observation. Conduit can be waterproof, prevent oil. Suitable for industrial inspection, safety protection, police assault, vehicle inspection or other personnel can not enter the environment. The camera lens can be matched with External visible light or invisible light auxiliary lighting. A variety of operating modes, depending on the site environment need to choose: observation, video, photography and wireless transmission, etc.. Specific parameters: camera elements 1 / 4 "color CCD minimum illumination 1 lux with outer diameter of 20 x 75mm automatic shutter 1 / 60 ~ 1/120000 pixel NTSC:768 (H) x 496 (V) supply 123A lithium battery * 2 pixel 520TV lines time about. 240 minutes shrinkage ca.. 100 cm (semirigid duct: 35cm) elongation about. 211 cm section of the telescopic rod number 4 weight about 585g (excluding battery)

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