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Function: ZLT-80A remote observation, monitoring, excellent choice of evidence collection. Its high speed lens and wide field of vision make it an ideal equipment for public security police. Its maximum magnification of 150 times does not damage the image quality. It can be observed at 2000 meters, can also take pictures as evidence of the use of photography. Parameter: optical performance: advanced Low Dispersion Extra (ED) Glass diameter: 80 mm aperture: f/6.2 focal length: 500mm sharp, colorless, high contrast lens. Telescopic aluminum night dew shield. L type mobile rack installed in the fuselage to three camera tripod. Focus: high precision guide focuser (indexed Focuser): double speed mechanical clay Ford Focus (crayford focuser). The eyepiece sleeve (drawtube) have graduated scale (Graduated scale) for CCD or DSLR camera rapid precise focus of the main dimensions of product size: long 394mm / 100mm wide / high 112mm note: with various specifications of the ocular lens can achieve a wide range of variations in the ratio. The eyepiece lens for matching project. Optical design: ed fire color refraction lens material: fpl-53 diameter: 80mm focal length: 500mm secondary mirror diameter: n / a aperture value: F/6.25 set Guangli: md160x limiting magnitude, 12.2 resolution: 1.45 Finder: n / a focuser diameter: tube weight: 2.98Kgs barrel size (diameter * length): 105 * 540 tripod height: n / a shipping weight: 7.2Kgs

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