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ZLG-005 mini listener



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CX-01 micro wireless audio transmitter:
Miniature wireless audio transmitter, professional sound collection, which consists of a special shock transmitter and receiver. This product can be collected by launching wireless voice signal, transmission distance of up to 1 kilometer. Even in his body at the scene also know that voice!
This product is locked in a particular band of dedicated (using the same as if the string of soft black antenna), a signal encrypted transmission (the other receivers are not possible to listen to its signal); at the same time, the penetrating power signal (easy to go across a variety of building), anti-good adhesion barriers, firing distance, wireless transmission distance up to 1000 meters. This product is powered by button batteries can power small power consumption, unconventional wireless devices can not match. When using, please set the switch to the ON position.
Purposes: for television unannounced visits, investigation and evidence collection, anti-counterfeiting Trade and Industry Bureau, food safety, the city government to do the rectification, public security bureau of evidence, law firms, the Anti-Corruption Bureau, the courts and other departments of imported products, dedicated to the audio transmission by section IV. composition:
Transmitter 1, transmitter 2, a receiver 3, 4 headset. launcher
Install the transmitter battery cover on the back of the house, and put on CR1 / 3N / DL 1 / 3N lithium or PR44 / 13HP LR44 button batteries or alkaline batteries, and confident that we have installed. The distribution of the antenna, the antenna plug inserted into the plug at the bottom of the transmitter, the antenna stretched as far as possible. Turn the switch to launch ON (red mark side) the machine starts to transmit signals. Launch effective distance 1500m Receiver cable into the headphone jack and headphones on the ears, you can hear the other end of the conversation. Since the headphone cable as the transmitter antenna is used, when used, it should be stretched. Power switch and power switch the power switch to the right until you hear a ticking sound. Now the power to transfer power supply. The rotary switch to the right will increase the volume. ※ finished using the receiver, do not forget to turn off the power. Replacing the battery Unscrew the screws, open the lid, replace them with new batteries.

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