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ZLC-030 Anti-riot suit



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ZLC-030 Anti-riot suit

Product description

Anti riot clothing is divided into soft and hard two kinds, are made of non-toxic, flame retardant materials, and the use of advanced technology to set up a ventilation system.
Main material: high strength and high toughness alloy engineering plastic + soft energy absorbing material + front file aluminum alloy plate.
Door parts: nursing chest, door back, shoulder, supporting the upper arm, elbow pads, supporting arm, door before the file, retaining hip, thigh support, knee pads, supporting the front of the lower leg and calf support, instep guard, retaining neck, protects the coccyx, (skin) of boxing glove.
Color: black, green, camouflage
The chest can be based on user need to install the armed band configuration equipment set of articles (optional). The anti riot clothes can be adjusted in the connection parts of the joint, and can be adapted to the height of the 165CM~185CM.
The main technical indexes of nursing chest, back and front gear; anti Dao standard with 20J energy puncture.
Plastic protection block: 120J impact does not break.
Protection block, fabric, mesh fabric: flame retardant, the burning time is less than 10 seconds.
Connecting band force: >2000N
Velcro fastening strength: "7.0N/cm
The protection area of the chest and back before the file >0.1cm >0.1cm
Upper limb >0.18cm
Lower limb >0.3cm
To adapt to the environment temperature: -20 degrees C -+55
Total weight: 6.5KG

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