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ZLT-X1 Multi function electric shock gun


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Product Description: the equipment shell is made of carbon fiber materials can be durable, the maximum drop height: 1.5m. Pistol shape support 8 different function in non lethal defense cartridge can effectively deter criminals, paralysis. Suitable for group events and animal displacement. Special direct current (DC) high voltage output, can significantly reduce the traditional defibrillators using alternating current (AC) high pressure caused by the human ventricular abnormal fibrillation risk, at the same time, it can provide more powerful arc and the voices blasting achieve deterrent effect. And equipped with a special anti robbery mode, once suffered robbery, automatic power outages can not be used immediately. So as to prevent unauthorized operation and use. Has a built-in light LED lighting, light and effective lighting distance of not less than 100 meters, and stunning visual and shoot criminals use. Performance: Battery: rechargeable Ni MH battery, 7.2VDC, 1800Ma sustainable electric shock or lighting not less than 60 minutes current wave type: DC high voltage (DC / AC) ion pulse wave penetration: 3.5 cm clothes open circuit output voltage: 50000 volts of AC voltage and current frequency: 50Hz AC flow wave) output current: <0.1mA (on 100m ohm resistor) <0.3mA (on connect 100m ohm resistor) led lights: built-in bright LED lights, lighting distance is more than or equal to 100 meters. Temperature range: - 10 DEG C ~ 55 DEG C shell material: carbon carbon fiber compound size: 150 (long) x 130 (wide) x 39 (high) mm, weight: less than 450 grams (excluding magazine) class of elastic support: shock magazine (3.5 m or 6 m), shock magazine, chili powder magazine, chili bomb magazine, dyeing magazine, rubber magazine, signal magazine.

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