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ZLT-003S Explosive destruction device


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Product Description: explosive destruction explosive device for public security and armed police destroyed explosive dangerous goods in EOD process. The products have been through the identification of the Ministry of public security, security and police electronic products quality inspection center of technology, and the blasting power, use convenient outstanding characteristic in public security, security police, EOD system obtains the consistent high praise. ZLT-003S type explosive destruction is mainly composed of a nozzle, emission tube and laser target indicator, firing device, seat cushion, tripod, cable rubber disc, a firing controller and composition. Working principle: lead to the rear end of the gun tube electric combustion bomb (projectile) to generate high pressure gas, the launch tube in the water, the jet with high pressure spray out, the explosive dangerous goods detonated device and explosive instantly crushed the disintegration of the loss of the explosion. Main features: 1.38 mm of the launch of the formation of the current domestic explosive destruction of the power of the most powerful breaking capacity, can be explosive in the moment of disintegration and not detonated. 2. Special buffer, the launch maximally eliminate the recoil, with convenient disassembly of the firing and nozzle device make destruction device suitable for continuous operation. 3 level, up and down adjustment of the bracket and dual laser aiming indicator to the destruction of the target is simple and fast. 4 equipped with bombs and more, can be adapted to the needs of the destruction of a variety of explosives. Technical parameters: barrel length 530mm emission aperture 38.7mm aiming at the way of dual laser point indicating electric firing button shooting height can be from 0 1.2 meters can be shot recoil ZLT-38M using double recoil reducing device, the recoil completely do not perceive equipped with shells and the number of emission 10 rounds of conical bomb bomb 2 punching bomb, long-range missiles and shovel type bomb the 2 shovel type bomb 2 wire cable 30m weight 21 kg firing current: 1.0A ignition voltage: 3-9V. Note: 1, after the installation of the personnel are prohibited in front of the gun. 2, must be installed before adding water bomb primer or other functions of play. 3, the launch of electrostatic sensitive devices in the touch of ammunition and the gun body must be released static electricity, so as to avoid danger. 4, the distance between the gun and the initiator at least 10 meters. 5, moisture will cause the ammunition can not be launched, must be kept dry. 6, the fire will be as far as possible before the stent was placed low, to increase the stability of light gun. Maintenance items: 1, replace the detonator battery: the battery 9VDC two batteries and replacement method is:, unscrew the panel on the four screws. Two, replace the battery. Three, fitted with 4 screws.

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