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FDY3R-ZA02 soft body armor



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Function: body armor is to absorb and dissipate warheads, shrapnel kinetic energy, prevent and mitigate not penetrate penetrating blunt trauma. Principle: bulletproof vests from the fundamental mechanism, said there are two: First, after the fragmentation projectile fragments formed bounce; the second is dispelled by the warhead ballistic material kinetic energy. With a light weight, flexible and easy to wear off wearing, stable ballistic performance characteristics. 1, tender product complies with the technical requirements of GA 141-2010 police body armor; 2, bulletproof jacket: The dark blue cloth, camisole style, height and waist circumference can be adjusted by velcro, front and back panels are made with upgraded pocket and plus 300mm × 250mm card, printed on the front Chinese word "police", back printed with "pOLICE". 3, bulletproof material: Our body armor or bulletproof Kevlar layer made of imported China-made high-performance polyethylene fiber material. Wherein the layer of Kevlar 38 aramid material used UD fabric (surface density: 8.5kg / m) + 0.5mmPC board + 8mm foam material. High performance polyethylene fiber material used is 56 floors high performance polyethylene fiber sheeting (4 layers of fiber orthogonal) +2 +1 layer 0.5mmPC plate 3.0mm thick layer of foam. 4, Weight: soft liner ≤2.5kg. 5. Protection Area: 0.26㎡. 6, the level of protection: three (79 can effectively prevent the decline of red emitted 51 type 7.62mm pistol lead core bullet). 7, bulletproof chip structure: Bulletproof Aramid UD fabric chip / polyethylene fiber sheeting + PC + foam board. 8, the use of protective cover bulletproof chip sealing process, opaque, impermeable; protective sleeve material resistant to hydrostatic pressure ≥18KPa. 9, the product warranty period of 5 years. 10, the product provides 800,000 yuan of product liability insurance.

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