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FDK2F-ZA02-LBulletproof helmet



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Performance and use 1, the product imported aramid fibers, special technology molding, live ammunition by the state authorities detected, the family 'POLICE Level II ballistic helmet, can effectively prevent the May Fourth Movement pistol 7.62mm lead core bullet penetration for military, police man protection. The method of wearing the correct way to wear a helmet and appropriate adjustment allows the wearer more comfortable and stable. 1, should avoid wearing the ribbon kinks. 2, emergency trip disengage relax. 3, first wearing, according to the individual head size adjustment of the hanger. First crowns retractable suitable height adjustable, by adjusting the inner cap retractable strap can be adjusted within the cuff to the appropriate head size, so that the helmet can be worn in the correct position, comfortable, and then by adjusting the appropriate neck the length of the lower jaw holder is in the middle of the forehead position, fasten emergency trip to tighten the chin belt. Product Maintenance: 1, in order to prevent degradation of the performance of bulletproof helmets, can not put it down more than 50 degrees of temperature. 2, use should be avoided beat, heavy hit, in order to avoid damage to the outer helmet, helmet hanger if any damage to the unit can be replaced. 3, the helmet should be stored dry and ventilated place, not in the same corrosion, and away from heat. The helmet should be replaced after a shooting a new helmet. Implementation of the standards: "GA 293-2012 police bulletproof helmets and masks," technical standards. Bulletproof helmets imported 9mm woven aramid material, dipped repression, the structure consists of cover, helmet shell and helmet under the chin with the top of the suspension system. Having good ballistic performance, light weight and other characteristics. Weight: 1.5kg. Protection Area: ≥0.12㎡. Protection level: POLICE two (1951 effective protection formula 7.62mm handgun pistol fired 54 7.62 (Lead)). Warranty: 5 years. 800,000 product liability insurance.

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