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FBT-ZA02 Explosion-proof blanket



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Features: Superior Our proof blanket anti-fragment selected performance Aramid UD fabric or high molecular weight polyethylene fiber UD cloth as a base material, a unique double fence structure, can effectively block 82-2 grenades or equivalent explosion when the destructive effect was generated by the blast, to maximize the protection of the explosion near the center of people and things from damage, temporary disposal site is an important means of explosives. Aramid UD fabric-proof blanket parameters: 1 explosion-proof blanket, blanket material: 600D PVC coated cloth 2, Size: 1600mm × 1600mm 3, vent hole diameter: 300mm 4, Weight: 8.49kg 1 explosion-proof fence, outside the fence by: aramid UD fabric made of 36 layers. High 150mm, inner diameter of 600mm, the quality of 4.34kg 2, the inner fence: from 34 layers of aramid UD cloth wrapped, then wrapped 18 layers of aramid woven fabrics, outer layer of Kevlar UD cloth wound 2, the outer reinforcing layer composed of four layers aryl Lun woven, two-layer aramid UD fabric entwined. High 300mm, inner diameter of 440mm, the quality of 16.5kg package weight: 29.4kg high molecular weight polyethylene fiber cloth no-wai-proof blanket parameters: 1 explosion-proof blanket, blanket material: 600D PVC coated cloth 2, Size: 1600mm × 1600mm 3, venting hole diameter: 230mm 4, weight: 9kg, package weight: 26.4kg 1 explosion-proof fence, outside the fence: high 210mm, inner diameter of 640mm, quality 4.8kg 2, inside the fence: high 310mm, inner diameter of 450mm, 12.6kg quality performance: 1, overall satisfied "GA69-2007 explosion-proof blanket" standard; 2, jackets material: explosion-proof blankets and coats are made 600DPVC fence coated cloth material, strong water impermeability, resistance to hydrostatic pressure greater than 12kPa; breaking strength warp and weft are greater than 1200N; warp and weft tear strength greater than 120N; 3, explosion-proof performance: the explosion, as the center, with a 5mm thick corrugated cardboard affixed surrounded by a circular target simulation, its radius 3000mm, height 1700mm. After the 82-2 standard grenade detonated in simulated target without penetrating hole Instructions: 1. Remove the blanket from the explosion-proof blanket care line package; 2, first within DG sets from the fence, so that dangerous goods within intermediate fence; 3, then caught in the fence, inside and outside the fence is not connected with the outer fence; drooping 4, explosion-proof blankets centered gently placed on the fence, the fence within the vent hole in the middle position, and try to make it and cover tightly; 5, explosion-proof blanket cover, be sure the operator away from the center of the explosion, waiting for professional EOD personnel to the scene for further disposal. Precautions and maintenance: 1, explosion-proof blankets may not be directly covered on dangerous goods; 2, explosion-proof blankets center vent hole, so its explosion-proof blanket over the center does not constitute protection, be sure to pay attention to this point; 3, must be explosion-proof blankets inside and outside the fence with the use, can not be used alone; 4, explosion-proof blankets without recognized experts not re-use; 5, the product should be placed in a dry, moisture, dust, no natural light in the warehouse, and the ground should not be less than 50cm, may not rain and moisture; 6, the relevant managers should regularly check the warehouse storage explosion-proof blankets, cleaning, the explosion-proof blanket is always in good storage environment, it is recommended 2-3 times a week.

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