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FDCF-2-ZA01 Stab proof clothing



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Appearance: no damage jackets, float, drain pin, bullet-proof protective layer without holes, damage defects, non-hierarchical porosity, soft bulletproof layer formation, no local uplift, wrinkles and other defects. Wearing a flexible, easy to wear off, does not make the free movement of arms and human kneeling, jumping and other restrictions after wearing. 1, the product complies with the tender GA68-2008 stab clothing standards, GA141-2010 body armor standards; 2, Stab proof clothing protective layer is made of high-quality non-sheeting, and Stab proof material that can be effective protection type 79 submachine gun fired 51 type 7.62mm lead core bullet and standard test tool 24 J kinetic energy puncture, the main organ of the body from harm. Products have passed the Ministry of Public Security Special Police Equipment Quality Supervision and Inspection Center. Ballistic performance: meet GA141-2010 police body armor standard protection class 3 requirements, can block type 79 light machine guns fired 51 formula 7.62mm handgun backing material recess depth is less than 25mm. Stab performance: meet GA68-2008 police stab service standards, with a test tool plus the weight of the falling body composition 2.4KG, to 24 ± 0.5J impact energy, according to the 0 °, 45 ° angle piercing sprint effective protective clothing, protective clothes do not penetrate the surface. And at ambient temperature -20 ℃ - + 55 ℃ and under flooding conditions are satisfied. 3, protection area: 0.3㎡ protective layer covering the major organ of the body (including front and rear and side shields) 4, protective layer weight: 3.28kg. 5, Fabric: Navy 6, the product warranty period of 5 years; 800,000 yuan of insurance products.

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